For Ya (EP)

by God Give Names

(free) 03:40


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released May 31, 2009

all songs written and performed by God Give Names
engineered by Christian Schart
recorded in May 2009
except "I am" recorded in December 2008
in the halls of JBK Schwarzenfeld
remastered in January 2012



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Track Name: Happy Past And Bad Memories
when I was a child well I don't know I was most of in shows drinkin' whiskey and coke

when I was a child well I just like to smokey ooo that my tail:
na na na na na na na na

when I was a younger man I just fooled some girls some girls that I don't like

to say I bound and I broke yeah so that's my way:
na na na na na na na na

now and then I'm older now and I know my way was bad

my past my thoughts the whiskey and the girls are gone and now im all alone